Sailing School

Sailing school:

Asinara Sail Experience organizza corsi di vela intensivi che hanno come obiettivo quello di:

Asinara Sail Experience organizes intensive sailing courses that aim to teach how to plan a navigation, to have control of the boat even in difficult weather conditions and to make anchors in safety. You will also be given notions of meteorology and correspondence. The aim will be to allow you to conduct and manage a medium-sized sailboat following the basic safety rules.

sailing school cruises

During the cruise, you will test your skills with a professional instructor who will guide you and advise you. You will experience different situations, such as taking a medium-range walk, planning a cruise, learning moorings and unevenness from bays and harbors.

Price list:

Our School Cruises have a maximum of four participants per boat, plus our professional Skipper / Instructor The participation fees do not include food, diesel and port charges. They relate exclusively to the months from September to June and are not subject to discounts.


For more information and to book please do not hesitate to contact us

Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna

Fauna and florafaunaThe geographical isolation has allowed the fauna to find the right habitat to live and reproduce.The Park has about 80 wild species of terrestrial vertebrates, many of which are of absolute rarity and high scientific interest. The mammals that meet...

The Park of Asinara

The Park of Asinara

The Asinara Park asinara ParkThe Asinara National Park is one of the most fascinating and suggestive destinations in northern Sardinia.It is located between the Sardinian Sea to the west, the Corsican Sea to the north and the homonymous gulf to the east. To the south,...

Discover the wonders of the Asinara National Park with a sailing tour ur with departures from Stintino.


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