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Asinara Sail Experience dresses itself with star lights and moonlight.

From this year it’s pleased to present the ‘Boat & Breakfast’ service (With accommodation on board), to let you enjoy the beauty of the Stintino village on warm and serene summer nights.

The boat moored in the small port will be the setting for a special and exciting experience.

You will be surrounded by the nocturnal sounds of nature and illuminated by the moonlight reflecting on the sea. 

In the morning, the warm rays of the sun will light up the boat, the light rustle of the sea and its unmistakable scent.
The boat is small but welcoming: 2 double cabins, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen with dinette
and sitting area.

Just 100 mt from the boat is the historic center with typical Stintinesi 
(small and close together, with small windows
and small doors) and the wonderful Church of the
Beata Vergine della Difesa.
Within walking distance you can find bars, restaurants,
pizzerias, markets, tobacco shops
and small clothing stores
and typical Sardinian
products. Unmissable public services,
which allow visitors to reach the beach of La Pelosa,
among the ten most beautiful beaches
in the world.
Il Borgo di Stintino invites you to discover its history,
among monuments and places
of interest open to the public,
including the MUSEO DELLA TONNARA (MUT),
the Aragonese Towers of La Pelosa and Le Saline.

€ 7.00 of cleaning fee will be added to the list price for each booking. The prices are inclusive of VAT and are not subject to discounts.

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Flora and Fauna

          I DELFINIFlora: Due to its geographical position and its lithological and morphological variety, Asinara is an area of great interest from a bio-geographical point of view. The flora consists of almost 700 species, of which 30 are endemic and...

Price List

Book your excursion on a sailboat in the Asinara National ParkWe propose 3 different lists: choose the one that best suits your needs.Full Day tour Full Day Itinerary Rates include passenger transport, lunch and drinks. The following prices are inclusive of VAT and...


    Our sailing cruises in the Asinara National Park provide three types of excursions: Full Day Tour, Half Day Tour and Exclusive Rental. Full Day Tour: Morning 9.30 am Get on board, at the Porto Mannu of Stintino (Piazzale Guardia Costiera), we will...

The Park

    The Park: The Asinara National Park is one of the most fascinating and suggestive destinations in northern Sardinia. It is located between the Sardinian Sea to the west, the Corsican Sea to the north and the homonymous gulf to the east. To the south,...

Map of the Park

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Prenota ora la tua escursione in barca a vela nel Parco dell' Asinara

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Asinara Sail experience di Sini Gianni 

Dom. fiscale: S.P.08 SCALA ERRE CANAGLIA,108

07100  SASSARI

P.IVA 02562880902

Porto Mannu, 07040, Stintino

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